Quote from a teacher. 
"All life starts out as a seed to help it grow we need to give it love and attention
and if you have succeeded it will grow into something wonderful"
We provide you the best in
We have six languages on offer Spanish, English, French, Japanese, Chinese and Thai these languages are spoken by native speakers and the children are introduced to the languages though out everyday.
We provide an open swimming program taught by a fully qualified swimming coach who is always happy and energetic     

We offer outdoor activities that allow the children the chance to meet nature face to face and to see what the world has to offer.
Story time
We have an extensive library full of interactive
and fun story books.
We use the story book to allow the children to open their minds and to allow their imaginations to run wild.
Celebrations of holidays
We give the children a chance to see what other countries celebrate. The children get to see what
kinds of things are done on these holidays and what the nationals eat in the country.  
Activities last month
Hollywood theme took place on the first part of the summer school. We embarked on an amazing journey though many different Disney movies and we even acted them out.
At the end of all the fun we hell an award ceremony for all our wonderful actors and actresses.
Bollywood theme. We took the amazing and creative dance routines as well as the fun
and sometimes over the top acting and played them out in the classroom. Fun and energy
all came together as one as the children danced and acted in their own Bollywood movie.
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