May-June 2017


May and June actually are our first two month of Vanessa's new term. At the very beginning of new term, Wu Laoshi helped our kids to review what we have learnt in the last year, and brought a new topic for our students. 

"Animal" is our main topic of June. Our kids will learn 12 animals and their special movements in this month.


This is the first week of the new term, Wu Laoshi had made a warm welcome to our kids and reviewed some songs together.

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For the whole June, Wu Laoshi started a new topic - "Animals". 3 animals would come to meet our kids with their special movements in next 3 weeks. Fish, butterfly and kangroo came to our school in group in this week.

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In this week, our kids met 3 new friends: gorilla, bear and tortoise.

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3 new friends could not wait to see our kids. They are pig, tiger and penguin. 

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3 animals were late, but they didn't miss our party with the kids. Lion, chicken and monkey were the last group of aniamls to have fun with us.

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At the last day of June, some parents of our animals friends wanted to join our party together. So Wu Laoshi brought shark family and pig family to meet our kids. In the July, Chinese topic will be "Family"

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