July-August 2017


The topic of July is "Family". Our kids will learn 10 family members in Chinese. Wu Laoshi will combine "animals", which we learnt before, and this topic. It will help our students to understand famliy tree.
August almost comes to the end of this term. The last topic of this term will be "Numbers and Colors". According to the Thai culture, seven colors represent seven days of a week. So Wu Laoshi will start from this interesting culture and bring our kids into the content.


The grandparents (father side) heard music and laugh from Vanessa School. They also enjoy our school life so much.

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Our kids still felt so excited after the long weekend. Wu Laoshi just helped them to review the family members that we learnt and taught them how to express "my" and "mine".

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外公外婆们这周来到了我们的学校。孩子们刚开始还有一点迷糊“为什么他们和爷爷奶奶很像呢?” 在吴老师的讲解之后,孩子们终于明白了爷爷奶奶与外公外婆的区别。小狗一家和乌龟一家和我们的孩子们玩得也很开心。

The grandparents from mother side came to school this week. Dog and turtle grandparents got really well with our kids. Wu Laoshi had explained to our kids those grandparents are different from what we learnt before.

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The last two pieces of of our family tree puzzle have already joined us. The brothers and sisiters came to Vanessa school and enjoyed happy time with our kids. Our family tree is finally finished.

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It is our final party of the topic "Family". Wu Laoshi sang a lot of songs and danced with our kids. Besides that, we had practiced lots of sentence patterns, such as "I Love You" and "I Love My......(family members)".

Songs links: 
鲨鱼一家    Sharks' Family           https://youtu.be/-REWlBmlsRc
我的家人    My Family Members    https://youtu.be/sjyoiX01OT4
家庭          Family                       https://youtu.be/T4YmUUxaN8A
我爱我的家  I Love My Family       https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0RmrLce7cwQV0JWYzZTWjJJMkk

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Wu Laoshi started a new journey with our kids from this week. Numbers become our new friend. Our kids had already learned how to tell Wu Laoshi their ages.

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Our kids are not satisfied with only knowing their ages. They now would like to share what they know with their friends. Some of kids would have birthday, so others sang Birthday song to them. What if some of friends are missing? Let's look for them together.

Song Links: 

生日快乐: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AerP9lgnvEs
我的朋友在哪里: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH5pvIO9OGQ

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There is a very important festival at the end of August, it's called QiXi Festival (Chinese Valentine's Day). Wu Laoshi celebrated with our kids together. We made a very big and beautiful "Magpie Bridge" and helped the Niu Lang (Husband) and Zhi Nu (Wife) meet together again. Besides that, our kids also learnt the Chinese expressions of days of the week. It is easy for our kids, because they had learnt numbers already. What they need to do is just put a "星期" in front of numbers (except Sunday). Most our kids can remembers them now.

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